COMPREHENSIVE PORTFOLIO Section 2 (Professional Activity 1)

Meeting Challenges of 21st Century Education and Health , FEBRUARY 3, 2015


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CEOS of three of Northeast Ohio’s world-class health-care systems will address current local and national industry trends, along with their future vision for collaboration with educational institutions in preparing health-care professionals.
Panelists:   Delos M. “Toby” Cosgrove, M.D.- President and CEO, Cleveland Clinic; Thomas F. Zenty, III.-CEO University Hospital ; Akram Boutros, M.D. –President and CEO The MetroHealth System    
Moderator:  Ronald M. Berkman, Ph.D. – President Cleveland State University

Physical Therapy Program Curricular Outcome Objectives

5. Value and continuously develop the existing and evolving roles of the physical therapist as a teacher, researcher, consultant, administrator, and advocate.

6. Practice in a reflective fashion and pursue ongoing professional development and life-long learning experiences.

7. Demonstrate a sense of responsibility in regards to contemporary health issues and participate in activities that advance physical therapy and serve the community.

DPT Program Curricular Threads

3. Ethical and professional behavior and professionalism (PT and program core values)

7. Professional development and life long learning


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