CCAI Self-Assessment Profile

This item was my results for the CCAI self-assessment that I took in Physical Therapy Interactions I 662.  It was important in my development because it revealed my strengths and weaknesses with in the areas of cross-cultural communication and interaction. This area of self-development is important since I will be interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Having the ability to be adaptable, interact with people that have different belief systems and maintain a sense of self in foreign situations is an imperative part of becoming a 4. professional.

Physical Therapy Program Curricular Outcome Objectives

2. Integrate biological, physical, ethical, social and psychological principles and theories to assist the individual to optimize his/her capacity to function within the environment.

3. Use interaction and communication skills in all professional relationships.

6. Practice in a reflective fashion and pursue ongoing professional development and life-long learning experiences.

DPT Program Curricular Threads

2. Attention to individual differences including life span position and cultural competency

4. Effective interaction and communication skills

7. Professional development and life long learning

Scan 3


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