ICF Model Assignment

This item was my first assignment in Foundational Theory that introduced me to the Patient Client Management Model. It was important in my development because it gave me the opportunity to apply and practice the core principles of the Patient Client Management Model and ICF Model. This assignment gave me the opportunity refine my understand and knowledge. As I move forward, internalizing the ICFDH and Patient/Client Management Models will be a critical element of my education.

Physical Therapy Program Curricular Outcome Objectives

1. Apply the ICFDH and Patient/Client Management Models in the delivery of physical therapy services.

2. Integrate biological, physical, ethical, social and psychological principles and theories to assist the individual to optimize his/her capacity to function within the environment.

4. Use critical thinking and discriminatory judgment when making decisions in the practice of physical therapy and within the health care arena.

DPT Program Curricular Threads

1. Patient centered care (using the ICFDH and Patient Management Models)

2. Attention to individual differences including life span position and cultural competency

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