American Physical Therapy Association Membership

Joining the American Physical Therapy Association was an important step in my professional and personal development. Belonging to a professional organization like the APTA furthered my understanding of PT by exposing me to the richness and depth of the Physical Therapy profession.  I gained a professional support system that offered information for educational opportunities through meetings, seminars, and conventions.  Another reason why  my membership to the APTA is so important to my development, is that it keeps me informed about current issues in PT through publications, newsletters, and e-mails.  Getting emails about professional events keeps me connected to what is happening in my local PT community. As I move further in my education and career, I know that being an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association will be a vital part of my growth.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Outcome Objective  

5. Value and continuously develop the existing and evolving roles of the physical therapist as a teacher, researcher, consultant, administrator, and advocate.

6. Practice in a reflective fashion and pursue ongoing professional development and life-long learning experiences.

7. Demonstrate a sense of responsibility in regards to contemporary health issues and participate in activities that advance physical therapy and serve the community.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Curriculum Theme

3. Ethical and professional behavior and professionalism (PT and program core values)

7. Professional development and life long learning

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